KONCEPTXIX by Vampire Vape.

The range pushes the boundaries of how flavours are created, mixed and mastered.

The entire collection has been made using nothing but premium ingredients.

All of the flavours are an 80VG / 20PG mix and are all Nicit UP ready. This means that they are 50ml of E-liquid with enough room in the bottle for an extra 10ml boost!

Add 1 x NicIt Up shot (FREE) to make this 50ml E-Liquid into 3mg strength or 2 x NicIt Up shots to make into 6mg strength.

Koncept XIX Original Collection: Heisenberg, Pinkman, BloodSukka
Koncept XIX Baked Collection: Phat Drizzle, Pie Eyed, Poley Rolly
Koncept XIX Fresh Collection: Tika Taka, All Day Grape, Kool Kick
Koncept XIX Sweet Collection: Sticky Spot, Golden Thrill, Get Cubed

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