About Electronic Cigarettes

  • What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An E-Cig (Electronic Cigarette) is an electronic device that replicates the traditional cigarette without the tobacco, tar, and smoke found in traditional cigarettes. It bears the same physical sensation we all know and love as well as the appearance of exhaling. Some E-Cigs can be enjoyed with nicotine and some without.

  • Can I smoke the Electronic Cigarette anywhere?

The E-Cig produces water vapour instead of burning tobacco. It is odourless which means your hair and clothes won’t smell anymore. The vapour disappears in seconds, so you wont be affecting other people by using your Electronic device.

  • Will the Electronic Cigarette help me quit smoking?

There have been claims that the E-Cigs has helped people quit smoking, however we do not support or deny these claims. E-Cigs are considered an alternative to traditional Cigarettes.

  • Who can purchase an Electronic Cigarette?

You must be of legal smoking age (18 in the UK) to purchase and use this product. This item may contain Nicotine.

  • Are all E-Cigs refillable with E-Liquid?

Yes, all Our Atomizers on this website are refillable with E-Liquid.

  • How long does an E-Cig filled atomizer last?

Generally a cartridge refill will last several hours up to a few days. This all depends on the amount of traditional cigarettes you would normally consume.

  • Should I charge the battery before I use my Electronic Cigarette?

Charging the battery for 3 to 4 hours is always a good idea before using the E-Cig. This will allow for longer battery use in the future. Batteries should last for 6 to 8 hours, depending how much you use it in a day.

  • How much vapour does your E-Liquid produce?

E-Liquid produces high amounts of vapour. The amount of vapour created is a direct result of the atomizer, the E-Liquid, and the battery combined. For best results and full vapour, it is always recommended to use a E-Cig and E-Liquid on a fully charged battery. VG Based Liquid will produce more Vapour than PG based E Liquid.

  • How do I refill the cartridge or Atomizer? How many times can I refill my cartridges?

Just unscrew the Atomizer at the mouth piece and slowly fill the Atomizer tank until it is at 1.6ml. Then secure the tank flush against the bottom of the mouth piece and screw it back on. Try to avoid the centre hole as this is your air flow. You can refill for as long as your atomizer lasts.

  •  How many E-Liquid refills can I get out of a bottle of your E-Liquid?

A standard 10ml bottle should last 5 to 7 fills depending on the amount you use your E-Cig.

  • How should I store my E-Liquid?

You’re E-Liquid should always be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Exposure to sunlight in excess can cause discolouration and damage to the E-Liquid.

  • What is the shelf life of E-Liquid?

The shelf life of E-Liquid is approximately 6 months if stored properly in a cool, dark, dry place and away from direct sunlight. All of our newly labeled bottles have the expiration date stamped on the cap. Always keep the E-Liquid is a safe place out of the reach of children.

  • My E-Liquid has changed in colour since I’ve ordered it. Is it still safe to use?

E-Liquid usually darken in colour from the time of manufacture. This process is known as steeping and the Liquid is still perfectly safe to use. Some flavours will also strengthen during this process and some people much prefer to wait a while before using the E-Liquid.

  • How should I charge my Electronic Cigarette?

Here are some safety tips you should follow when charging your electronic cigarette:

  • Only use the charger supplied with the e cig kit (or purchased separately from our site)
  • Do not mix and match components from different e-cig brands
  • Do not screw the battery to the charger too tightly (plug the charger into the power source first then gently screw the battery in until the light flashes)
  • Do not leave your ecig unattended when charging
  • Clean the battery pin and charger contact at least once a week with tissue or alcohol wipes
  • Remove the battery from the charger when fully charged

Remember as with any electrical item, care should be taken when being charged. All of our electrical products are produced to a high standard and are CE marked and RoHs tested. There have been a few cases in the media of electronic cigarettes exploding and causing small home fires, these incidents may have been the result of cheaper inferior products or lack of care when charging. Please observe the safety tips above. We also sell fire proof charging safety bags in our store as extra precaution and peace of mind.


If you have any comments and or suggestions, please feel free to email us at info@quit-it.co.uk we want to hear everything! Please keep in mind we receive many emails regarding suggestions and our product lines and are not always able to respond to each individual case, but we appreciate your thoughts and enthusiasm.

Quit-it.co.uk products are not intended as nicotine replacement therapy nor are they a cessation device. Our liquids contain no tar or tobacco . Our products are intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 or over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Not to be used by children, pregnant or breast feeding women or persons in ill health. Our Juices  contain nicotine which is an addictive drug. If unsure of use please consult your doctor. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children and pets.